Tech Thursday: MSA Gas Mask

Sorry for the late post, but look what we found!


Whats in here?

This is an All Purpose Gas Mask model S, manufactured by Mine Safety Appliance Company (MSA). MSA was founded in 1914 with the help of Thomas Edison. Their first product was an electric lamp that could replace open-flame lighting in mines and help prevent methane explosions. Soon after, they began producing breathing apparatuses and gas masks for miners and soldiers in the first World War. MSA continues to manufacture safety equipment such as helmets, masks, and other protective equipment, as well as military communication systems, cameras, and body armor.


Case Lid

Canister Instructions

Canister Instructions

MSA produced many versions of the All-Service gas mask, and readily available information on this particular gas mask is sparse. One collector’s website indicates that the All-Service masks date back to the 1920s, and another suggests the model S came into production in the early 1950s. According to the MSA website, single lens models like the one above were first developed in 1959. Based on the similarity between our mask and this one, I would guess ours dates to the mid 1960s, although it’s interesting that this seller dates the canister to 1972.

Canister sticker

Canister sticker A

Canister sticker

Canister sticker B

Canister instructions and indicator

Canister instructions and indicator



by Jeff Warner


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