Memorabilia Monday: Christmas Cards from the University President

Holiday cards are no longer printed by the President’s Office, since they are strictly digital. The Woodson has the Rice University Presidents’ Christmas and holiday cards collection, 1914-2008, which has cards from every president except Kenneth Pitzer. The interesting thing about the cards is how they represent the times and focus of each man.

Edgar Odell Lovett card

Edgar Odell Lovett’s card shows extreme restraint.

William Houston card

William V. Houston’s showcases a new building on campus.

Norman Hackerman card

Norman Hackerman’s focuses on the snow of 1973.

George Rupp card

George Rupp’s expandable card (my personal favorite) has a panoramic of Lovett Hall on the back.

Malcolm Gillis card

Malcolm Gillis’s card, like Hackerman’s, highlights Houston’s version of extreme winter weather, an icy day in 1998.

David Leebron card

David Leebron’s features John Outram’s “The Birth of Consciousness” which is located on the Steve and Sue Shaper Ceiling in Anne and Charles Duncan Hall.

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