Rice University Studies publication now online

Dr. Katherine Fischer Drew, editor, Rice University Studies

Dr. Katherine Fischer Drew, editor, Rice University Studies

The Rice University Studies (1962-1980) was a quarterly scholarly journal which was successor to The Rice Institute Pamphlet (1915-1961). Both publications are now online in full-text searchable PDF format.

The 1965 statement of the purpose of the journal—“publishing scholarly and scientific writings in all fields” by “faculty members and other persons associated with Rice University”—points out that as a continuation of the Rice Institute Pamphlet, the publication was then in its fiftieth year. Numbering of issues of Rice University Studies is continuous from the Rice Institute Pamphlet numbering, the name having been changed in 1962. Rice University History professor Dr. Katherine Fischer Drew served as the editor for many years.

Issues were to consist of “single monographs or groups of shorter papers with some unity of subject matter.” For example, the four issues in 1964 were in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, English literature, and German literature.  Many of the issues feature public speeches by Rice presidents, faculty members and visiting scholars, while some issues are a publication of the Rice University General Announcements.

As noted by Rice Centennial Historian, Dr. Melissa Kean, publications such as these were “meant to be the new institution’s contribution to the world of scholarship, showcasing the work of our own faculty as well as other scholars of high reputation.”

In 1981 Rice University Studies ceased publication, and its Review Board became the Committee on the Rice University Press with Fred R. von der Mehden as Editor.

Fondren Library is pleased to provide online access to The Rice University Pamphlets and The Rice University Studies, both  fascinating resources reflecting the scholarly activities and goals of their times.

This work was made possible with funding from the Rice Historical Society and Thomas R. Williams, Ph.D., class of 2000.

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