Rare 18th century British drama volumes off for digitization

We  just packed up 60 small bound volumes from our Stockton Axson Collection of 18th century British drama here at Fondren Library for digitization by the Internet Archive. They’ll be online within a month’s time at http://www.archive.org/ under riceuniversity.
Started as a memorial to Stockton Axson, an English professor at Rice, the Axson collection contains restoration and 18th century British drama, representing major and minor literary figures in the fields of dramatic poetry, comedies, tragedies, and operas from 1650 to 1800. The plays represented often have more than one edition, and sometimes more than one variant of an edition is included in the collection.
To search the catalog of this collection of circa 5,000 volumes, use Fondren’s advanced search , in the “Location” field, choose WRC-AXSON from the pull-down menu. Add any other search terms you desire (subjects, authors, etc.) to further limit the search within the AXSON Collection.

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