Cohen House crest

To the right is the crest of Rice University’s Cohen House as it appeared on china, the sundial on the building grounds, and other items.

From a letter to George S. Cohen from Hasbrouck and Maid, Consulting Heraldists, New York City:

Your suggestion for the incorporation of symbols denoting Rice Institute, the Faculty, the Cohen family, and the Hebrew Fifth Commandment, not only make excellent symbolism, but conform to the rules of Heraldry.

We are submitting herewith a tentative sketch after your description, with the torch for the Faculty, between two Rice Institute Owls in chief, and the hands symbol of the Cohens in base, separated by a fess bearing the first six words of the Fifth Hebrew commandment in Hebrew letters.

Woodson’s Guide to the Cohen House records can be viewed here (picture and excerpt taken from box 1, folder 5 of the following record group):

More information about the sundial:

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