16 thoughts on “The Eyes of Texas tv show collection available for research

  1. Im looking for the 1981 episode 98 it has my late grand father in the show can you please tell me how I can obtain a copy of the remade video my grand fathers name is Carl Darr of Paducah texas
    Jason Darr

    • I just found a Carl Darr saddle and am having it restored. It will be feautiful once it is done. Can you give me some background on your grandfather?

  2. I am attempting to locate a episode that my late grandparents were on which regarded, the last syrup making processes, in Texas. I have reviewed your catalog of and could not locate the episode. My grandparents lived in Magnolia Springs Texas and my cousin stated that he saw the episode about two years ago. Could you please advise?

  3. I live in an area that doesn’t air The Eyes of Texas. Is there no longer such a show? Please let me know as I have a unique idea for a show. Thank you so much for information. Mary Kahanek La Grange, TX 78945

  4. My great grandfather Al Springstead was featured in episode #264 3/9/1985. How can i go about getting a copy of this episode I have been trying for years.

    • For some reason, I just now saw this comment. I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything in our system for that. We also do not have the full run of the series.

  5. Sure do miss Shake Russell’s song “Travelin Texas. And if your fortunate enough to see one of his live shows today, memories come forward with a tear of happy. Hope that is part of the collection. Thanks.

  6. I am looking for the episode my dad and Grandpa were on. It was boat builders in the gulf coast. Either Freeport or Quinatana. The name of the company was Capell Marine.

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