“The Eyes of Texas” tv episodes in the works

Stay tuned, y’all! We are busily working on providing access to a long time favorite of Texans  – KPRC’s “The Eyes of Texas” television show.

Curious about the Von Minden Hotel and Theater in Schulenburg, Texas’ longest operating combination hotel and theater?  What about Camp Winiwaca in Rosebud? Did you know Mr. J. Moore, fiddle restorer, in Taylor? The Eyes of Texas show visited landmarks, holes in the wall, everyday folks – a delightful variety of things Texan.

What we have: episodes in DVD format, beginning Sept. 02, 1978, and annotated typewritten summaries of Eyes of Texas television episodes 1979-1993 and 2007-2009, both as prepared by KPRC-TV.  Copies of episodes will be available upon request for educational use.

About the show: The Eyes of Texas television show was created by director Ray Miller at Houston’s KPRC-TV and first aired in June 1969. After Ray Miller retired, KPRC-TV Houston news anchor Ron Stone took over as host.  The show ran for 29 years, coming to a halt in 1998. In 2007, KPRC began a new series of The Eyes of Texas (see http://www.click2houston.com/eyesoftexas/index.html).

Thanks to KPRC-TV for their donation of these materials and the right to share them for educational purposes!

Watch for an announcement of the full on-line guide to the episodes.

One thought on ““The Eyes of Texas” tv episodes in the works

  1. This is a Texan heritage project of inestimable value; especially for new residents. It would be great put on loops and played in city and county offices where the public wait (waiting rooms of hospitals) on TVs that otherwise babble trivia shows of no value. It would also be a good idea to have the series subtitled, so it could be followed when audio on a TV in a public place must be muted.
    This is a worthy project deserving wide distribution, including in schools; and would be a great way to enrich residents’ — an emmigrants –appreciation of Texas culture, history, and geography.

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