Ye Old College Inn recipe book now available

Ye Old College Inn recipe book coverPlease visit DSpace to see a PDF of Ernest Coker’s popular recipe book from the 1950s:

Ye Old College Inn on South Main was established in 1918 and quickly became a popular dining and hang out spot for Rice students and the local community.  Ernest Coker took over operations of the restaurant in 1946 from George Martin, the original proprietor, and soon after published a book of his recipes.  The restaurant was demolished in the 1980s to make way for the St. Lukes medical tower.

9 thoughts on “Ye Old College Inn recipe book now available

  1. I have been looking for some of the recepes of Ye Olde College Inn for years as that is where my family ate many times and where my wife and I had our rehersal dinner in 1963. I would like to review all the recipes and see if the red sanapper with shrimp and oysters is publixhed.

  2. I would like to have a copy of this book. I remember all the wonderful foods prepaqred at this restaurant. Please let me know how to obtain this book. Thank you.

  3. I’m currently writing a historic cookbook for Page Street Publishing, and would love to interview anyone interested about their memories of Ye Olde College Inn. Please contact me through my website,, if you’re interested!

  4. I love my copy of this cookbook! My parents ate at Ye Old College Inn often back in the 60’s and my mother had a copy of Ernie’s cookbook. Their favorite recipes were Oysters Ernie and Ernie’s Fudge Pie. Mom made the fudge pie so often for family functions when we were growing up that we nick-named it Zerkel’s Fudge Pie. My kids learned how to make the pie when they were young, and now my daughter is teaching my grand-daughter who is 7, how to create the recipe. I thought I had lost the original cookbook, until packing for a move from Houston to New Hampshire four years ago, I found it! It’s stained, with “chewed” corners, and falling apart, but it brings back so many wonderful memories now that my parents have passed away. And Ernie’s Fudge Pie is still a favorite for birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations.

  5. I have a slightly different version of this book. In my version, the stuffed flounder is on page 6, not 7. I inherited my copy when my sister-in-law died.

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